“Purchased a truck from you a few years ago for our volunteer fire department. Best brush truck made!”

Jay Davis

Volunteer Firefighter

“[The crew] continues to be impressed with the off road capabilities of their Skeeter. This winter they had a muddy up hill situation as well as many responses in deep snow. This apparatus exceeded their expectations.”


Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor ll

 Jim Thiel, a driver for Hughes Fire Equipment and a Career Fire Fighter for over 35 years, drove our Unit 14541 over 1200 miles from Phoenix AZ, to Pasco Washington. When he arrived to pick the truck up he was very nervous. He was concerned that it would be a loud, have a rough ride, and that every divot would drag him all over the road. Once he started driving it, he was incredibly impressed by the trucks performance.

“IT WAS A JOY TO DRIVE.”  “A very smooth and quiet ride with great braking and handling.”  He drove in all road conditions, including packed snow and it handled great in all conditions.

“Whatever you did to make this happen, don’t change it! It’s just right.”



Jim Thiel - Hughes Fire Equipment

Career Fire Fighter

“We had our brush out on a large brush fire here in Eddy Co NM. It performed great. We were in heavy brush that was taller than the smaller trucks in area but we could see over it. The front bumper and brush guard pushed over a couple salt cedar trees and the truck came out without any damage. The larger water capacity let us direct attack the head and stop the fire. We were working in sandy soil and never once felt like were going to get stuck. Great truck.”

Thomas Frazier

“We have practiced with it extensively and love it.  The Skeeter is now considered first out on all traffic accidents and [we] are deploying it automatically on the tank batteries in [our] territory.”

Cottonwood Fire Department - NM

You will be amazed at the pumping capabilities of this rig. We received our Skeeter rig this year and it just pumped its first wildland fire. It’s a great quick attack vehicle. And then transitioned into a pumping rig.

Ben Kater


I am a employee of KFD and was on the spec committee that placed the original order with you guys. With any luck we will be ordering another truck from you in the future. Your truck has turned out to be all we wanted and more.

Kelby Frazier

Apparatus Committee

One of the best custom emergency vehicle builders in the world!

Tim Gossage

This last season I saw more fire engines type VI on the fire line that I ever have before. Even with the lack of water they still can get in places in wildland fires better than the pavement Queens type I sometimes type III.

Jere Miller

Great equipment!! Theses rigs have been a great addition to FFD. Most people prefer them to the larger type 3’s.

Casey Morse


These trucks are great! We are in the process of budgeting another unit for next year and will begin the specification process next month with our salesman.  We need to get a second one very soon. We love our Skeeter! Soon to be Skeeters!

David Lee

Fleet Manager

The folks at Skeeter Brush Trucks really listened to our needs and desires for our new units.  The pre-construction meeting went very well and we are so excited for the construction process to begin. Go visit them at Skeeter, you will not be disappointed. Great trucks, service and people.

Sean Guerin

District Fire Chief

We just met with Mr. Bill Davidson and the crew at Skeeter Brush Trucks for a pre-construction meeting on two Skeeter step side brush trucks. I have to say that they were extremely professional, knew the answers to all of our questions, and strived to build the trucks the way we want them.

Eddy Wakefield